Download Spooky Brawl (New Private Server) 41.131 free on Android

Spooky Brawl is a MOBA and private server based on the famous game Brawl Stars. The main feature of the server is that it is based on the 29th version of the game and includes the old balance. In addition, users will be able to access a large amount of different content, such as almost all of the game's characters from version 29, skins and much more.

The store works in the same way as other chips, including chat rooms, network play, rankings and record tables, etc. The core gameplay of Brawl Stars remains the same. Players fight on maps in different modes, divided into teams. The trick is that the characters are all unique in terms of their active abilities and characteristics. You have to be able to use them in combat. Otherwise, the characters are pretty much the same, which creates a tricky balance.

Server Features

  • The game is based on version 29 of the original, including the old balance.
  • All characters and skins will open on the appropriate version.
  • Available lists of the best players, cups, clans, chat rooms and other online features.
  • Working internal store, and the acquisition of any content, for currency, generously showered at the start of the game.
  • The familiar gameplay of the original without significant changes.

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