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FHX Brawl is a custom private server for the MOBA game Brawl Stars. Compared to the original, the server includes many new features, for example, all the content of the original game, but open from the beginning. You don't need to level up to get characters or equipment, besides, both game currencies are given 100000 units each.

All crates can be opened as many times as you want, all fighters are unlocked and much more. Thus, users will be able to enjoy everything that is in the game without restrictions and fight in multiplayer matches on all maps and locations of Brawl Stars. Gameplay remains the same as in the original, that is, the focus is on tactical shooter-style battles on small maps, where the emphasis is on individual skills of heroes, and teamwork.

Features of the private server

  • The original Brawl Stars gameplay is preserved.
  • Open all game characters from the very beginning, as well as skins to them.
  • All locations, modes, items and other content is also available, and at the very start without restrictions in the acquisition.
  • Account level is increased, a huge amount of local currency is available at the start.
  • Driving and tactical action with a MOBA style top view.

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