Download Shelter 69 (18+) MOD God, Money, Weak Enemy 1.6.414 free on Android

Download the latest version of Shelter 69 (18+) MOD God, Money, Weak Enemy APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Shelter 69 (18+) - An adult-themed game that will appeal to anime fans and fans of the equally good Fallout Shelter. The game offers to choose a character and entrust him in the management of the whole shelter. Here there is work to be done to populate the locations. The most important thing is that the game mechanics are built in such a way that the user does not need to be always online to progress.

There is no control over the mortality of the residents, they don't need to be put to bed and other routine operations. The important aspect here is to level up your attractive young ladies by gradually upgrading them with new equipment.

Pumping level and armor will certainly be required to pass the main storylines. You'll encounter plenty of enemies along the way. After gathering a battle group of three inhabitants, the company goes to clean up the locations from the evil. It is important to pump not only your fighting skills and flirting, but also to take time for your companions.

Watching the characters in the game is a pleasure. As you progress through the game, you'll discover new storylines and beautiful girls whose scenes are drawn in great detail.

Game Features

  • You are provided with a mod for a lot of money.
  • A huge amount of H-content.
  • Detailed level of detail and animation in scenes.
  • A lot of different Parameters to pump characters.
  • An elaborate storyline, the development of which depends on the choice of the hero.
Mod menu Info?
  • Reward Slider x1-x50
  • Every Chest Gives items x1-50
  • Buy ressource(Metal/Stone) to gain x1-x50
  • Every Achievemt gives items x1-x50
  • Every quest Reward gives x1-x50

ex.: the original amount is 10 Gems. The reward you can see is 1000 Gems and you get 100 Gems.

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