Download Castle Crush MOD APK (Unlimited Energy) 6.3.5 free on Android

Would you like to become an experienced strategist, skillfully managing an army made up of a wide variety of units? Do you want to experience the joy of victory and reap the rewards of accomplishment? Do you want to learn how to form your armed forces thoughtfully, so that they provide you with victories with minimal losses? Then Castle Crush is the game for you.

You won't be thrown straight into the crucible of a war fought by seasoned veterans of the game. You'll learn the gameplay gradually, fighting with other players whose level matches yours. The outcome of battles will depend on the wit and ingenuity of the player. Therefore, victory in an equal balance of power only in your hands.


  • Competently formed and properly placed units of different types will defeat your opponents, crush their armies, crack castles like nuts.
  • At your disposal will be a wide variety of types of troops, units of melee and ranged combat, able to: heal soldiers, stand without letting the enemy forward, pierce their ranks with a huge impact power, etc.
  • A wide variety of different weapons are available in the game. You will be able to fight in the open terrain in one of the sections of this huge open world and storm castles.
Download Castle Crush on your Android smartphone and enjoy an exciting game with beautiful graphics, fight both in single player and corporate mode.

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