Download Among Us MOD (Unlocked) 2024.3.5 free on Android

Among Us (Unlocked) is a multiplayer game in the genre of social deduction and detective. Everything takes place on a comic ship, which has a breakdown and the players in a team of several crew members have to fix the systems and fly away safely. The problem is that there is a traitor among the crew, an alien who pretends to be one of them. He has to make mischief, flashing the crew to escape and killing them one by one. While the crew is busy repairing the ship and searching for this very traitor.

Who is the traitor?

All players appear in the level, and only the traitor himself knows who he is, as others do not, and by appearance there is no difference. Sometimes there can be more than one traitor and they don't even know about each other. In any case, everyone has to participate in common repair tasks, but in the meantime the spies have to cause trouble without giving themselves away, which is not an easy task. Honest players can be suspicious of others, and even hang a vote. Sometimes it is possible to hit an innocent when the ship is tense.

Don't let the enemy win

Honest players have a harder time, as their characters have limited actions and options compared to the alien. However, they can act together, suspect the traitor, and defeat him together if necessary.

Mod for the game

The game features a third-party amateur mod that unlocks all in-game content and items. It's about unlocking items like skins, accessories, pets and more, everything in the game, for players. These are cosmetic items, usually do not affect gameplay, oh can make a character more unique.

Game Features

  • Tense gameplay combining survival and deduction.
  • Asymmetric multiplayer with dramatic differences between sides.
  • Minimalist 2D graphics with overhead view.
  • Intuitive user interface and controls.

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