Download War Machines MOD (Show Enemies Radar) 8.36.0 free on Android

War Machines MOD (Enemies on the map) - multiplayer tank shooter, in which pumpable equipment - you can go crazy! And there are also prems and collectibles. And also tanks are divided into: light, medium, heavy and PT. In general, there is something to occupy yourself. Three familiar to any tanker phrases above, which in this game you will never hear. All because instead of arcade engine is used realistic:

  • projectiles have mass and trajectory;
  • armor "angles" work in favor of the shooter;
  • high ping has almost no effect on the disynchronization with the server (only in rare cases);
  • land mines do not explode against thin static objects (tents, fences, tables, chairs, bushes).
Interesting to know: If you get tired of playing alone, you can always invite a friend to play with you in a platoon. Or join a clan, where it is very easy to find a platoonmate to help you on the battlefields.

And also the stabilization of the gun has almost no effect on the spread - learning to hit when going down the mountain or climbing is much easier than in similar games. Add to that the lack of crashes and normal aiming that isn't tied to reticle objects and you have one of the best tank games out there right now.

Mod menu info
  • Enemies are always visible on the radar.
  • Game Speed

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