Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD (Free purchases, VIP, MegaMenu) 6.88.1 free on Android

Extreme Car Driving Simulator (Mega Menu) is a racing arcade game with an open world to explore. The game is essentially a racing sandbox with various challenges, races, stunts and free driving in an "entertain yourself" style. Players will have access to dozens of cars and multiple locations to explore.

A world of freedom

The game features an open world divided into several themed locations. For example, you can visit city streets, airport, stunt area and some other places. Locations offer different stunts and challenges, race heats and more. In the city there will be traffic, which can interfere with the stunts, but makes the ride more realistic. Missions are scattered around the maps and you can only drive up to them, then the race starts.

Cool and fast cars

The game offers a variety of cars of many different brands. They are based on real cars and offer different driving qualities, but the physics of the behavior itself is arcade-like. Cars can be upgraded and new ones can be bought. All cars can be damaged, which does not affect driving, but provides a believable visual experience. Repairs, on the other hand, are free at the touch of a button. The focus of driving is on speed, dizzying jumps and stunts, which can be performed in many places on the locations.

Features of the Mod

The built-in modification gives a lot of money, so much to buy and upgrade any car in the game. You can also disable ads, get donated cars and more.

Game Features

  • Open locations for driving, dozens of racing tasks and tests.
  • Detailed graphics, elaborate cars and game world.
  • Comfortable and customizable touch controls.

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