Download Modern Tanks: War Tank Games 3.61.7 free on Android

Modern Tanks - is a brand new action game about tanks, where the player has access to over a hundred types of vehicles, by controlling which, you can defeat enemies on the battlefield! Upgrade your tank, install the most suitable types of equipment for your gameplay, and go into battle to test it on your enemies.

Try creating your own tank!

Tanks created by players appear on the battlefield. Here you can take a ready-made tank model with specific parameters, characteristics, and features, or customize it by changing the gun, turret, tracks, and other details, creating it based on your own sense of gameplay style. This freedom helps to explore different options for the gameplay process, as some may prefer fast tanks with incredible acceleration but a relatively weak gun, while others prefer massive, heavy tanks with thick armor and a medium gun.

The game has certain restrictions when creating a tank, which allows for a balanced gameplay where each player fulfills a specific role. While some prefer to scout the surroundings, highlighting enemy vehicles, others absorb a lot of damage through a combination of armor and health points, or deal damage while standing behind.

Imagine and try out different tank variations to understand which gameplay suits you best. A skilled player can even win the game solo on a scout tank!

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