Download Uboat Attack MOD (Free Rewards) 2.36.1 free on Android

U-boat game - Torpedo Attack (Free Rewards) - is a simulation of a submarine, whose crew is not just sailing the depths of the world's oceans, and increasingly fights with enemies who operate both on the water and underwater, attacking you and the water area entrusted to you, where you can anchor a whole allied fleet.

The path from tin can to deadly weapon

The player's main goal is to focus on the attacking enemy forces. The more enemy ships go down and the more allied ships stay afloat, the faster the player will gain a new rank and will be able to lead a team of desperate sailors on an improved submarine, which can even be equipped with a torpedo homing system. This will make combat tasks much easier and give time for short breaks.

However, you need to be careful - some enemy fleets are equipped with formidable patrol ships and ships with echo sounders. Some of them can detect your submarine in a flash, while others can let it go to feed the fish. To prevent this from happening, you need to attack the enemy from afar. In this case, you will help you periscope. Looking through it, you will estimate the distance to the ships and approximately determine the time of torpedo attack. You will also have to take into account the speed of your targets.

Tip: If you sink support ships first, enemy warships will be left unprotected and it will be easy to sink them without being detected on radar.

Game Features:

  • dynamic and invigorating gameplay;
  • 12 types of submarines;
  • 14 types of torpedoes;
  • cinematic military inserts.

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