Download Crime Santa MOD (Unlimited Skill Points) 2.2.7 free on Android

Hey, bro! Check out the game Crime Santa on your Android with the mod Unlimited Skill Points! ! This is the real deal for those who love to have fun and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. In this game, you step into the shoes of Santa, but not just any jolly old man with a sack of presents. No, you're a real badass Santa who knows how to bring some serious action to the streets.

Here, you can do whatever you want: jack cars, lay the smackdown on thugs, or have epic shootouts with the cops. The locations are huge, like block after block, and everywhere you go, there's a chance for some fun. Plus, bro, you've got a whole arsenal of weapons and cool rides to show everyone who's the boss around here.


  • An open city world where you can do anything you want.
  • Tons of missions and quests to keep things exciting.
  • Awesome graphics and a banging soundtrack that keeps you hyped.
  • The ability to upgrade your Santa and his arsenal.
Jump into Crime Santa and show everyone that the real holiday spirit can come with a bang!

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