Download Ice Scream 1 MOD (Unlocked, God Mode) 1.2.6 free on Android

Download the latest version of Ice Scream 1 MOD (Unlocked, God Mode) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Ice Scream 1: Scary Game - is a mystical horror game in which the player has to solve the mystery of a mysterious ice cream seller who has kidnapped a close friend of the protagonist. Find all the clues, things left behind to collect all the clues to the required clue about where to find the kidnapper.

The game has many traps from the villain himself, which he left for inattentive players. It's worth being careful on each level not to accidentally fall into one of these traps, otherwise it can lead to death!

Tangled History

Unexpectedly, the jolly ice cream man turned out to be a real villain who managed to realize his sinister plan! Now he has a hostage to find while it's still possible. During the progression of gameplay, will accidentally fall into different details and clues that will help find the road leading to the kidnapper and his victim. It's worth paying attention to any strange details, each of which may eventually become a key piece in unraveling such a strange event!

Game Features

  • Interesting story;
  • Challenging puzzles;
  • Frightening atmosphere in the locations and music.
MOD 1 Info:
  • MOD Menu;
  • Unlocked;
  • God Mode.
MOD 2 Info:
  • Reward ADS.
MOD 3 Info:
  • Dumb Enemy.

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