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CROSSOFF PRIVATE SERVER is Standoff 2 that runs on a separately dedicated server. This allows you to give players a lot more features that are not available to users of the original version. This includes infinite currency, all skins, and so on.

Very important! Please note that when you download this version, you will not be able to play on shared servers. You will only be added to the game with those who play on the same server. In addition, all those items and skins will be available only here.

Game Features

  • For the most part, this is the same Standoff 2 without the gameplay restrictions. Nothing has been cut, all the features remain, except for a different player selection.
  • It also has cool shootouts, detailed maps, good graphics and interesting gameplay.
  • Players are selected separately, outside of the original server. However, there are enough players on this custom server to not have to wait and quickly connect to games.
  • Infinite Money. In the original game from the players are constantly begging for donations to buy skins, crates and so on. Here, all players will automatically have infinite amounts of money in their account, which will allow them to buy anything they want.
  • All Skins. Here you will have access to all those skins, which in the regular game you need to knock out. So you will be able to collect your own unique inventory. And it will be seen by all other players.
MOD Info:
  • Last Updated;
  • Non-donation version;
  • No registration required (email and address are not required);
  • Easy to use.

Download PROJECT CROSSOFF for Android :

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