Survival games for Android

Learn to find the right path in difficult situations, quickly master in unfamiliar terrain, use everything that is available here and now - make survival games for Android possible. You will not have many lives, there is only one chance to pass the way. Death is a huge loss, everything you have is very valuable - it must be extracted with considerable effort. In such games there is no place for recklessness and senseless wastefulness, you need to be careful and cautious, because at every step can meet enemies, both easy and strong, to be set traps.

Set the game with the prefix survival, you will plunge into a dangerous world. It can be a zombie island, an abandoned city with evil mutants, a radiation-affected wasteland with toxic inhabitants. It's not a world for cowardly people who install a game on their mobile device, encounter a dangerous character, or face challenges and immediately pass up and delete it.