Download My New Life: REVAMP (18+) 0.93 free on Android

My New Life: REVAMP (18+) is an erotic story about the adventures of a student at an American college, where the cream of the crop of society studies, including the lustful daughters of officials from different countries and nationalities. Want a collection of European, Arab, Black and Asian women? Well, go for it!

Girls are different...

But they all want the same thing. Nature has given us the tools to get into bed with any local hottie. Some of them, of course, are extremely chatty and you'll have to talk to them. But others, having barely run their little hands into our underpants, are ready to open the gates of women's paradise. Or at least let us into his "top floor".

Never! You hear me? Never talk to girls about their fathers' jobs or politics in general. It will ruin any relationship in an instant. Any mention of it will turn a wet Amazon into a dry desert.

Game Features:

  • Painted graphics and detailing of characters and environment.
  • Different tasks and quests that will help develop the story of the game.
  • A system of dialog choices that affect the development of the plot and relationships with other characters.
  • You can develop your character's skills and abilities.
  • Travel and explore other cities and countries.
  • You can create your own story and influence the development of the game plot.
  • Very detailed sex scenes;

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