Download Witch Hunter (18+) 0.21.2 free on Android

Download the latest version of Witch Hunter (18+) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Lusty medieval times, noblewomen walking away from their husbands, sexy vampires, rampant werewolves, and sex, sex, and sex - it's all Witch Hunter Trainer (18+), a game that adds adult spice to the usual fantasy world.

"Take off your pants, the ladies are waiting!"

The player has to get into the body of a sexy vampire hunter, who investigates a mysterious case and in the course of the plot pleasures all the orifices of honorable gentlemen, as well as their pretty ladies. A night with them can bring money, new useful acquaintances and dilute the plot a bit.

Plus, the game has:

  • cute elven and dwarf girls;
  • full-sized charms and genitalia;
  • raunchy and sparkling humor;
  • an intricate story with non-trivial endings.

The final splash screen will be influenced by decisions made by the player during the playthrough. Some of them will be obvious, but others will surprise you.

That almost 9 out of 10 characters can be bedded, regardless of gender, race or background. For each sexual episode there are up to 10 arousing scenes in different angles and plans - even a gamer who's experienced with such games will feel a stirring in his pants.

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