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Palworld is a sandbox game with survival elements, in which the hero has to explore a magical world filled with unique creatures. With the help of palms you can create entire cities, build farms and do most of the work! By upgrading palas, you can explore the world faster and gather resources.

Huge Seamless World

This creates a unique variety of gameplay experiences! Many palas inhabit a specific habitat, you simply can't find them elsewhere! Taming the rarest creatures can be a major challenge that takes up a lot of resources. However, the reward for a rare pala will be higher than the others. Collect different creatures with the right characteristics for certain tasks in order to distribute them to the most suitable location. While some palas will be exploring the world, others will be building, expanding borders, and creating a food source.

Pay attention to flying creatures, which are considered quite rare in the game. Once you ride them, you can explore the colorful game world faster, ignoring rocks and other terrain while flying!

Game Features

  • High-quality graphics
  • Many pets to choose from
  • Large world
  • Buildability

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