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Goat Simulator 3 is a fun and crazy goat simulator in the open world. Players are again waiting for the crazy adventures of the goat, which creates mayhem in the open world with free movement. This is a sandbox where there is no plot, and the player himself creates what he thinks necessary without restrictions. There is a large map in the form of a city and neighborhoods, with inhabitants and cars. There is a choice of goats to control, a cooperative mode, and you can unlock and find other animals, up to a controllable giraffe. The goat can be dressed up in outfits, and can even get into various vehicles including tractors, jetpacks, cars, motorcycles and more.

No one's stopping the goat, Bee-eee

Many objects in the game world physically react to interaction. Cars, destructible objects and items can be bumped, and so can city dwellers. In addition, your tongue can stick to anything, and this will allow you to drag and toss many items. The map is full of challenges, missions, secret locations, and it's all presented in a fun light-hearted style. Co-op will allow you to do nonsense with strangers as well as friends, which is even more fun. The game is so cool that it came out faster than the second installment of the series, jumping right over it, but there will be no second one, actually.

Game Features

  • Second or third installment of Goat Simulator?
  • Odd physics with object destruction and detailed Ragdoll.
  • Huge map with urban and rural areas full of various activities.
  • Secrets, dizzying stunts, missions, as well as free anticipation of where to go, and a lot of fun with madness.
  • Driving any vehicle without a license, well goats can't have one.
  • Colorful and fully three-dimensional detailed graphics.
The mod activates the full version of the game, where all paid content is open without restrictions.

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