Download Potion Permit MOD (Unlimited Everything) 1.46 free on Android

Potion Permit is a strategy game with fantasy RPG elements. The player becomes an alchemist who heals the inhabitants of the town of Moonberry. But in addition to collecting ingredients for potions, you must also build buildings, clear the terrain and improve the lives of the townspeople in any way you can. At the same time you need to overcome the dislike of the residents and fight monsters.

Game Features:

  • Open Ending;
  • Variety of relationships with the residents;
  • Calm strategy alternating with adventurous moments;
  • Ability to play at your own pace, without being rushed by time and amount of tasks;
  • Pixel graphics;
  • Simple controls.

The player is a graduate of the Medical Academy, invited by the mayor to fight strange diseases. But there's more than just identifying and curing ailments to be done. The life of the town requires improvement, only then will its situation change. The alchemist performs the proposed tasks, but along with this is free in his actions. You can explore the neighborhood, make acquaintances and create objects according to your plan. But everything is given for a reason.

Expert Opinion. It's not just the tasks of collecting components or building a town that are difficult. No less problems will arise in relations with the locals. It's very easy to gain their trust, but if you succeed, you can even build personal relationships.

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