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The Genesis Order (18+)

The Genesis Order (18+) The adventures of a private detective with erotic overtones! - This is an adventure game where the character has to investigate various crimes. At the same time he will have to solve various puzzles and get into the peculiarities of life in a small town.

The main character here is a private detective. He is assigned complex and intricate cases. The main location is a small town. To diversify the typical plot, the developers of the game added several female characters. With them, the gamer can enter into very close relationships, up to scenes 18+ (because of which the game has a corresponding age limit).

Note! The game has a large number of different dialogs, where the gamer can independently choose one or another answer. The further development of the plot depends on it.

The game is appreciated primarily for its "mysteriousness". To advance in the plot, the gamer must carefully and very carefully search the crime scene for clues. This can be hair, footprints or non-obvious clues. Getting information from witnesses will also not be easy. After all, each of them will have to find an individual approach.

Main Features

  • presence of 18+ scenes;
  • colorful design;
  • simple controls;
  • the need to investigate;
  • contact can be made with almost all characters.

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