Download Blessing of Goddess (18+) Uncensored 0.3 free on Android

Blessing of Goddess (18+) is an erotic visual novel in which you have to control a girl. The plot tells about a young beauty who accidentally gets a magical ability by touching an ancient statue. Now she becomes a desirable object for men and women, regardless of status, age and orientation. The problem is that the heroine herself has a significantly increased level of lust that also needs to be satisfied, which significantly interferes with her plans.

The plot, on the other hand, is full of intrigues and unique situations that will show a different side of human personality. The game offers a rich and varied gameplay that combines a quest, text and visual adventure, racy adult-only scenes, and a compelling story. All this is realized in a stylish graphic design.

Game Features

  • Sophisticated and non-linear plot with the participation of colorful characters.
  • The presence of explicit and racy scenes made with high detail and plausibility.
  • Colorful three-dimensional graphics, as well as smooth animation in mini-games and other game moments.
  • Simple and convenient control, as well as elementary user interface.

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