Download Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 MOD (Unlimited Money/Food) 5.3.3 free on Android

Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 is a military strategy game in a medieval fantasy setting and side-view. The idea is to create your own castle, build an army and send it into battle to conquer enemy fortifications. The game has simple and clear mechanics, as well as rich and varied gameplay. All this with detailed graphics in two-dimensional form.

Build your fortress

The player must build and create a castle from several buildings. They must also build walls and defensive fortifications, namely towers and more. However, this is not enough for a full-fledged defense, so you need to train new warriors. There can be about a hundred kinds of warriors, and they are divided into classes. For example, they can be archers, swordsmen, pikemen, mages, and many other variations. All warriors can be upgraded. In addition, there are hidden treasures in the levels that can be spent on castle improvements, new troops and much more.

Defeat the villains

The player must not only hold the defense, but also attack the enemy army. For example, you can gather units and throw them at the enemy to destroy their orders and storm the fortress. However, if necessary, you can retreat to save your army if you see that there is no way to continue fighting. You can also use various powers and skills to inflict more damage on your enemies.

Mod Features

The mod includes infinite money, which will allow you to create troops and build anything in any available quantity. This will allow you to defeat the most powerful opponents.

Game Features

  • Stylishly drawn graphics in full 2D with side-on camera.
  • An unusual strategic experience with a side-on view where tactics are taken to another level.
  • Variety of units, more than a hundred troop variants.
  • Intuitive touch controls and a simple interface.

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