Download Sword Of Xolan MOD (God Mod, Unlimited Mana, High Money) 1.0.18 free on Android

Download the latest version of Sword Of Xolan MOD (God Mod, Unlimited Mana, High Money) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Sword Of Xolan is a side-scrolling action-platformer adventure game set in a fantasy universe. The game is positioned as a tribute to retro games and inherits a similar two-dimensional drawing style with large pixels. Once upon a time, the world existed in complete peace and harmony, with all of the kingdoms existing without war or strife. However, recently the darkness has begun to grow, there are various monsters, undead and villains who are eager to destroy all the past. The player takes the role of a simple man who has decided to become a hero, and he has a sharp sword and strong armor with which he will fight. The road is not easy, but it is worth it.

Become a hero and defeat the evil in the kingdom

Gameplay combines platforming with level exploration, puzzles to find the right items, and battles with a large number of opponents. Weapons are always the same, but here you can pump skills, find useful items and money. This allows you to improve your character, making it more powerful, faster and more survivable. The enemies are dragons, various monsters, undead and many other enemies. They differ in behavior, strength and size. Levels are several dozen and all of them are handmade, without generation, which shows their complex structure.

Game Features

  • 30+ levels to complete and they are full of traps, enemies and secrets.
  • Dozens of enemy types, as well as bosses, all of which require you to find an approach and battle tactics to come out of the battles victorious.
  • Stylish colorful pixel graphics, which has a two-dimensional drawing and is inspired by the era of 16-bit.
  • Upgrading and upgrading the main character to make the character more powerful.
  • Customizable touch screen controls, gamepad support.

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