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Defense Legend 4: Sci-Fi Tower Defense is a real-time strategy game that belongs to the "rabid defense" genre. The fourth part of the series will once again plunge you into the defense of your planet against the insidious invaders who are trying to fight again after their previous defeats. The game offers classic gameplay in the tower defense genre, but with various improvements and innovations.

Deflect the alien attack

The plot takes place after the third part of the series, and it will tell about a new invasion of darkness, a powerful alien race. These creatures have come up with new weapons, monsters, robots and combat vehicles to take some kind of revenge after their past defeats. As a result, the player must use new tactics, weapons and defenses to hold off the waves of enemies. The story has as many as dozens of levels, and there are other game modes as well.

Defense Legend 4 MOD (Damage, Unlimited Money)

Build defense towers

The essence of the gameplay is generally typical for the tower defense genre. You must build defense towers along the path of enemy troops and try to place them tactically so that the enemy can't get through. There are many types of towers and they have different damage, speed, radius and other parameters. They can be improved between missions and new types can be unlocked. You can also increase the level of the structure directly in battles, which also improves its parameters. The enemies are different types of units, air, ground and, in this part, underground.

Game Features

  • Detailed two-dimensional top-down graphics with smooth animations and visual effects.
  • Dozens of levels to pass through, and each level has its own difficulty, conditions and passing features.
  • Many defenses and other methods of repelling enemy attacks.
  • Improve your defenses in battle and between missions.
  • The game has a mod that adds a lot of money. You can spend it on improvements, mediation, bonuses and new towers.

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