Super Tank Rumble MOD (Premium Unlocked) 5.5.1 APK

Download the latest version of Super Tank Rumble MOD (Premium Unlocked) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Super Tank Battle is a multiplayer action game with elements of an armored vehicle designer. The game is dedicated to 1 on 1 online battles, using tanks that players create with their own hands. A side view and two-dimensional graphics are used, which are done in an arcade style, but you can construct quite complex and interesting combat vehicles.

Create your own unique tank

The main and most important feature of the game is that players can design their own tanks. There is a vehicle editor, as well as hundreds of spare parts that can be supplied. So, a set of cells is given in the form of connectors, on which parts of the tank are placed, some are tracks, wheels, others are armor, guns, protection, and so on. The cells are organic, so the player needs to decide what to focus on, survivability, strength, speed, etc. Next, you need to steam off into battle, where another stage of the game begins. For victories there will be new parts, money and other opportunities.

Destroy enemies and win

Battles take place with a side view in a fun style. You need to hit the enemy by maneuvering around the location and causing damage with shots at different parts of the equipment. The opponent does the same, and in the end only one will emerge victorious. There are different types of guns and melee weapons that have different strength, accuracy and range, as well as reload speed.

What does the mod give

Players can download the version with the built-in money mod. It gives a lot of game currency, which you can spend on everything in the game and buy almost all the content.

Game Features

  • Designing your own armored military equipment, especially tanks of various types.
  • Hundreds of options for parts that can be used at your discretion.
  • Exciting battles done in a fun arcade style.
  • 2D hand-drawn graphics with side view.

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