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Take Over is a dystopian visual novel with an unusual erotic plot. Everything happens in the totalitarian world of the future, in which the main character tries to find extramarital sex, which is totally forbidden. The game will offer a detailed world, thoughtful characters and all this in a pleasant graphical shell.

Find loopholes in the mode

The near future, totalitarianism reigns in the world, and with it the surveillance of every person in society. The main character decides to break the system and gets a job as a cleaning supervisor in a mysterious government laboratory. And he gets the authority to hire employees, which of course he uses. In addition, there are many dead zones in the workplace from cameras and other tracking systems where you can do forbidden things, such as sexual intercourse. For this reason, he hires women as his employees, and it goes without saying, mostly beauties.

Act at your own risk

The government realizes the situation and tries to employ recruited agents, beautiful seductresses who will uncover the protagonist's plans. There are several options to thwart this. For example, to study the resume and refuse, finding some suspicious things, or to try to hire such an employee and seduce her herself, thus conducting recruitment. In any case, the game to present quite a few surprises, there is a system of choice, as well as dozens of vulgar episodes with all the details.

  • Unique sci-fi setting with a touch of dystopia and erotica.
  • Thoughtful plot and non-linear narrative, where the choice decides a lot.
  • Plausible erotic scenes that can give the effect of immersion in what is happening.
  • Colorful three-dimensional graphics with elaborate heroes and heroines, as well as the environment.

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