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CORRUPTION TOWN is a narrative visual novel with explicit adult-only content. The plot tells about the dirt, vice and corruption of the big city, in which the main characters are immersed. Players can expect exciting storylines, racy and erotic scenes, and detailed graphic execution.

Explore the Mountain of Corruption

It all starts with two characters running away from their hometown and home. They decide to start a completely new life and their wanderings take them to a strange metropolis where they check into a hotel. There they get acquainted with the manager of the hotel, and after that they start to plunge into the vicious and corrupt life of this place, losing more and more of their selves and ruining the principles of life. The game is not positioned as a drama, but as an erotic adventure, nevertheless the plot has something to surprise halfway through the narrative.

Achieve everything you want

This city may be a hotbed of what is commonly referred to as filth, but it offers great opportunities for residents and visitors alike. You can get any girl you want, or become a rich man using dishonest methods and much more. The player sometimes has to choose lines in dialogs, which can lead to certain scenes, there are also simple quests, puzzles and tasks of different kinds. Most episodes can lead to explicit scenes of racy content. However, if you don't make the right choices, you may just miss out on some of the more interesting stuff and not see it for the entire playthrough.

Game Features

  • Unusual and elaborate plot, as well as a believable entourage of a corrupt city.
  • Strong visual side, which shows the characters, scenery, as well as erotic scenes in great detail.
  • Interesting main and secondary characters with different personalities.
  • Easy to manage and user interface.

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