Download WICKED ROUGE REFINE (18+) 0.13.0 free on Android

WICKED ROUGE REFINE is an erotic quest with elements of visual novel and brothel management simulator. The protagonist will become the manager of a Japanese brothel, which employs charming geishas. The game is filled with various explicit scenes and episodes, but it can offer a fascinating story, as well as elaborate visual design.

Avenge the Family

The plot is complex and thoughtful. The protagonist has lived out of town for a long time, and has not delved into the family business. However, circumstances force him to return to his native land when his family mysteriously dies. Soon he learns that they were killed, and the hero needs to find the criminals and punish them. He will have to become the manager of his parents' brothel and try to lead it to the highest point of success in the city, and maybe the whole of Japan. The game depicts the past centuries of this nation of samurai times, with a touch of alternate history.

Nonlinearity and eroticism

In the course of the investigation, the protagonist has to find out and get information. It so happens that only beauties and geishas know about the crime, and in order to get something, you have to seduce them and often satisfy them. In addition to this, the choices that are ubiquitous in the various game episodes play an important role. So, for example, you can choose lines in dialogs, actions in some scenes and the like. Sometimes mini-games and simple puzzles are thrown in to dilute the gameplay.

Game Features

  • Thoughtful plot combining an interesting era, detective and frank erotica.
  • Presence of dozens of scenes with spicy details for adults only.
  • Elaborate graphics with static images of three-dimensional characters and environments.
  • Simple user interface and clear controls.

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