Download Sonic Forces MOD (God Mode, Money, Speed) 4.26.0 free on Android

Sonic Forces - Sonic Fight & Run Game is a third-person runner dedicated to the universe of the blue hedgehog Sonic. The game is an offshoot of Sonic Forces, and is dedicated to speed-running through various locations from the Sonic universe. The player will have to play not only for the hedgehog, but also for his friends, such as foxy Tales, echidna Nuckles and others.

Outrun All Opponents

Runner is combined with third-person racing, but no vehicles are used. All characters run or move with individual superpowers. Levels are built on the principle of pipes and tunnels, and sometimes there may be small branching paths. On the way there may be enemies, obstacles, chasms, spikes and other traps and many to fight with. Enemies can be defeated by the skills of different characters. Characters can be improved by unlocking new powers, as well as visual appearances that simply change the skin, making the character more individual.

Run Online

The game is designed for multiplayer. You can race against other players and everyone starts on equal footing, as there are enough traps and enemies on the track for everyone. Up to 4 players can participate at the same time, who must overtake each other, and at the end of the distribution of places with prize points and money.

What the mod does

The mod adds the God mode, which gives the character a number of advantages. For example, he will be able to get various bonuses, reinforcements, buy any in-game item, and much more.

Game Features

  • Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends and enemies in one game.
  • A variety of levels and locations inspired by other games in the series.
  • Play with 4 players at the same time and overcome a variety of obstacles and enemies along the way.
  • Decent three-dimensional cartoon style graphics.

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