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War of Toilets - is a crazy third-person action game about an agent's confrontation with an invasion of toilet monsters. Skibidi Toilets have attacked a peaceful city and are trying to take it over at any cost. The protagonist decides to become the protector of this world, he is the only one who dares to fight against these cruel creatures, and the player will have to help this character to clean the streets of the city. The story is simple and linear, but will be able to capture the presence of creepy monsters and a variety of tasks. So the emphasis is on the battles, which are very varied and action-packed.

Destroy toilets for the good of the world

The game shows a large city with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, with enemies roaming the streets. These are different toilet monsters, which can vary in shape, size and survivability. For example, while simple small toilets can be easily destroyed, battles with giant Skibidi toilets can be difficult. These creatures can be tens of meters tall. The main character can use a wide arsenal of weapons. For example, there are cold weapons for close combat, as well as a variety of long-range weapons. For example, there are pistols, machine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, blasters and other futuristic weapons.

Game Features

  • Vibrant and addictive third-person action shooter with a wide variety of weapons, locations and enemies.
  • Hundreds of monsters in the form of crazy Skibidi stools, including normal enemies and extremely powerful bosses.
  • Dozens of weapons ranging from baseball bats to pumping deadly rocket launchers.
  • Open city with free movement through its many streets, with the ability to climb buildings and more.
  • Three-dimensional graphics done in a realistic style, but with very surreal enemies.

    Destroy Skibidi monsters!

    The game has a huge open world of 4 square kilometers! There is no other skibidi game of this size!"

    Use your skills!

    Every character in the game, from TV Man to Titan Chamberlain, has their own unique abilities.

    This update adds:

    • Event Hunter Capybaras
    • Skibidi Scientist 1.0
    • Infected Agent
    • New interface
    • New Music


    • Damage from Titan Speakerman's attack.
    • Damage from Speakerman's Sonic Attack
    • Store bug

    Promo Codes

    List of promo codes from the game developer, with each new update we will add to the list!

    • UPDATE
    • KETAS 337

    In the next update will be added mode "skybydifield" (fans of battlefield will understand) in this mode all agents will have ranged weapons and you will need to capture points and destroy skybydists from the first person!

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