Download Toilet War: Another Reality MOD (Unlimited Money) 0.3.0 free on Android

Glitches, bugs, toilets, and just plain stupid spies - this is not a list of flaws that Toilet War: Another Reality could be criticized for, it's the essence of the most ruthless and provocative game ever! Humiliate and mock your opponent as he respawns from the toilet flush!

A New Reality from the Toilet

Have you heard the news? Toilets have created a parallel world. The old one is obsolete, and now people have to live in this one: find resources, create materials, build, survive, and more. What could be easier than doing it as a corporation? However, the player will be hindered by:

  • Push mutants (loners, mobs, and even bosses);
  • Other players (you will not be alone in this world);
  • Physical laws (flying objects, sudden explosions, fickle gravity).

Tactical tricks and a pumping system for leveling up will help. You'll also have inhabitants with whom you can form a warband, equip them with weapons, and set off to conquer the resource-rich land.

Resources are useful for creating weapon modifications. With them, a simple cannon will shoot bursting shells, grandfather's machine gun will get a second barrel, and even a grenade will wound the enemy not with shrapnel but with a mini-atomic explosion.

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