Download Path of Immortals: Survivor MOD (Damage, Defense Multiplier) free on Android

Path of Immortals - In this game the immortal hero fights against evil. The scene takes place in the Wasteland and the Dungeon. Demons and monsters from hell have come here through an open gate. This process can only be stopped by Immortals. The player must choose one of the heroes and set out to save the world from the monsters.

The hero can be controlled, guiding him to the right area and helping him to survive, as enemies can attack from all sides and look for weaknesses. You can change characters in the city and train warriors to teach them different skills. Heroes need equipment and weapons to defeat enemies and save the world they are destroying. Everyone faces the apocalypse. Trophies and rewards are also needed to develop skills. The hero has functions to defend himself by making false attacks and confusing enemies.

Each warrior has its own unique characteristics and weapons. Based on this, you can choose a hero to defeat certain enemies with the strategies you choose. You can team up with other players in the community to take on powerful bosses.

It is an endless process where the hero develops skills, improves, becomes more powerful. The game is exciting and never boring, because it is full of adventures that await the heroes at every turn. They are attacked by enemies, which provokes dynamic battles.

The player has a chance to get the name of an invincible hero, collect rewards and participate in competitions with participants from all over the world. The "God Mode" mod allows the activation of passive bots.
  • Wide range of heroes.
  • Excellent graphics.
  • Ability to play with other players.
  • Possibility of development.
Mod menu info:
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier

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