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The Roommate (18+) is a 3D novel about the budding relationship between the protagonist, an office careerist, and his roommate with whom he shares an apartment. The characters share a mutual dislike that promises to spill over into something more intimate and unbridled.

Socialize, peek, seduce, and make no mistake about it!

The plot of the game is fully interactive: communication with the girl is based on the options of choosing the lines. An awkward answer can bury an already complicated relationship forever. Or a little closer to himself sexy beastie. So, step by step, the decisions made will determine the further narrative, then flaring, then fading sympathy, and, most importantly - the climax of the whole action.

In rare moments, when the level of "vibes" will reach the highest values, the neighbor can tell an intimate secret or in between invite the guy into the room. If the heroine catches her changing clothes there, she will pretend to have completely forgotten about the invitation. But women's tricks have long been known - it was done on purpose!

What else you can do here:

  • Upgrade your skills (money can be used for gifts, dining out, and intimate toys);
  • Complete quests and obtain rare items needed to unlock the most racy relationship scenes;
  • Change the girl's wardrobe (and dress her in extremely sexy outfits)

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