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Youthful lust, beastly power, big-breasted girls, and big responsibilities - all in Dickmon X (18+), a game that turns the erotica genre on its head and reinvents new mechanics within it, adding unprecedented spice and piquancy to the story, lines, and art.

You have the power, use it like a man.

Dickmon the cat gives his boyhood master an artifact that turns him into a boiling cauldron of testosterone: lust hits his temples, steam comes out of his ears, and his sex organ grows to unprecedented size and threatens to rip his tight schoolboy pants. What to do? There are only 2 choices: either keep the monster in his pants and squeeze out the huge potential, or let the monster out and show what a little boy who found a tasty lollipop in the eyes of the hot female neighbors is worth.

.Choosing a "victim" for an outpouring of lust, you may lose the trust of other girls for sex. So you either have to hide more carefully, or don't sweat it and let it go. As a last resort, you can lock yourself in the bathroom with a magazine... but who needs that when there are so many single women around?

What else to expect from the game:

  • sparkling humor;
  • ridiculous and exciting situations;
  • fantasies that will become reality;
  • four female characters and two male characters.

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