Download Vampire Survivors MOD (Menu, Money, God Mode) 1.10.105 free on Android

Download the latest version of Vampire Survivors MOD (Menu, Money, God Mode) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Vampire Survivors MOD (Menu, Money, God Mode)

Vampire Survival! is a super cool game where you will play as a hero who fights vampires and other monsters. Darkness of hungry tooters, blood splatter, machine gun queues, spell prayers, extra dynamic battles - all this is Vampire Survivors (Money, God Mode) - a game that came from PC to Android to give hours of fun and let you slay mythological medieval nasties: from zombies and ghouls to succubi and demons.

"What is dead cannot die..."

Yep. As if it isn't! The undead rising from the dead are begging to go back to the underworld. Just like that. And we're going to help them. We'll have 20 weapons at our disposal (not counting spells) and various auxiliary potions. Some are needed to stop bleeding; others to heal wounds and restore health; others will help to survive especially deadly attacks; and the fourth - rare - will give immortality, but for a short time.

Swords, boomerangs, beams of light; flying, shimmering, sparkling spells are our weapons. Under its influence, all-encompassing and destructive, the enemies will fall like sparrows, who a second ago were sitting on wires and electrocuted. The dead "sparrows" will bestow us with "souls" that we can collect:

  • spell upgrade; [upgrade weapons;
  • summon the powers that be for help;
  • make a BADABOOM extravaganza (destroy all the nasties in sight).
  • And also transfer the rest of the souls to the next level to start it prepared for difficult battles.
Save your powerful spells until the last moment. They can come in handy in a battle against unending giant crowds of enemies or against huge bosses.

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