Download Talking Tom Gold Run MOD (Unlimited Money) free on Android

Talking Tom Run for Gold (Unlimited Money) is a speedy runner in the universe of "Talking Tom". The game combines a third-person platformer and endless running with collecting coins and various useful items. The game includes all the main characters of the universe, both Tom himself and his friends, different kitties and dogs and so on. The game develops the ideas of the last part, but makes everything brighter and more fun.

Run kitty, run

Gameplay resembles other similar games of the genre. The essence of the same is to run through different locations, overcome all sorts of obstacles and collect as much gold as possible on your way. In this part added the opportunity to visit different places of the world and even epochs, from which changes not only the appearance, but also traps, obstacles and conditions. Around you can find ingots, and sometimes bonuses and boosters. They help you get new skills that work briefly, but will help in passing traps along the way.

Play as 6 heroes

Players will be able to gradually unlock the main characters of the universe, 6 heroes, as well as numerous outfits to them. Each character not only has its own look and animation, but also has its own skill and similar chips. Management is simple, involved only one finger, but you need to react quickly and score as many points as possible. It is also important to consider the tasks, the fulfillment of which will open new opportunities and awards in the form of cases with gifts.

Features of the mod

Mod for a lot of money give a large number of gold bars. With them you will be able to unlock all the heroes, pumping and items, as well as outfits, but some things still need to be unlocked in levels.

Game Features

  • Diverse locations where the action takes place and random level generation.
  • Diverse game characters and outfits for them.
  • Simple and easy-to-use game mechanics that can keep you entertained for hours.
  • Advanced three-dimensional graphics in cartoon style.
Description of the mod:
  • Purchases do not spend, but increase the amount of currency;
  • Disabled advertising.

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