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The events of Warpath take place in 1941. Everything is organized in the style of the Second World War, although with some changes. The player is a commander who has to manage different units. Warpath game offers a choice of over a thousand units of military equipment, weapons of 1939-1945 and battles on a huge map "real time". Here you need not only to understand the principles of operation of various weapons and equipment. It's also about tactical thinking and quick decision making.

There are a lot of useful chips that help in combat. In version 3.0, there will be a "wall" building, and the higher your base level, the higher the level of the "wall" will be after the update.

Features of arpath:

  • Upgrade your VIP level - you will get a lot of free chips that will help you in battle. To upgrade your VIP level, you need to sell gold. In the store you can spend the resources you used to farm and upgrade your mod. Joining an alliance means high rewards and additional opportunities.
  • A lot does not mean complicated - when you get new units, you should not be afraid of them. Each unit is easy to manage and the game gives you the opportunity to restore units. Before rebuilding, you must remove units.
  • Explore the area - there may be ruins and other structures where additional bonuses are hidden. There is a gold symbol on the map. If you find it, you can get 20 to 50 thousand units of gold after exploring the whole map.
  • Daily missions - Completing missions gives you the opportunity to get gold and more trained units every day. Also, you should not forget about pumping officers.

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