Black Russia Chits (100% Work)

Download the latest version of Black Russia Chits (100% Work) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Cheats for Black Russia" for Android! Here you will find working cheats for the popular game Black Russia, designed specifically for Android devices. Now you can play to the fullest using our cheats! The following types of cheats are available on this page:

  • Money Cheat - get an infinite amount of virtual currency for in-game purchases;
  • Experience Cheat - speed up your game progress by getting the maximum amount of experience for tasks;
  • Speedhack - increase your movement speed in the game;
  • Teleport - instantly move between points on the map;
  • Anti-Kick - protect your game account from being blocked and banned.
All cheats are regularly updated and tested for safety, so that you will not be blocked or thrown out of the game. Our cheats are suitable for all versions of the game Black Russia on Android, and we guarantee their performance.

Chit functionality (DAMAGER, BOTS, COLLISIONS, AIM):

  • Long Jump
  • Endless running
  • Infinite Health
  • Fast Run, Kick
  • Slap yourself
  • Collision
  • Kill yourself
  • Infinite ammo
  • Shoot through walls
  • Gravity
  • Car Immortality
  • Speedhack car
  • Rapidfire

How to install cheats

Just install the cheat as a normal application. If it says "Application not installed", uninstall black rasha, then download our game with fast connect.

  • *Visuals*
  • – Esp line
  • – Esp box
  • – Esp items
  • – Esp vehicles
  • – Esp name
  • – Esp health
  • – Esp distance
  • – Esp radar
  • – Anothers esp feature…
  • *Silents*
  • – Aimbot
  • Aim fov
  • Aim target
  • Aim trigger
  • Aim color
  • - ANDROID 9.x To 13.x SUPPORTED

Download Black Russia Chits (100% Work) for Android :

Download AIM Cheat Bots 14.5.2.apk (Size: 101.66 Mb)
Cheats AIM Bots and free money 70+ Features
Download Black Russia Chits by Smoke 14.3.0.apk (Size: 94.14 Mb)
Download New Chits 14.3.0 with AIM and CASH WITHDRAWAL.apk (Size: 90.78 Mb)
Download Black Russia Chits v14.0.4.1.apk (Size: 89.07 Mb)
Download Moralessquad v14.0.14 New 2024 Global.apk (Size: 59.93 Mb)
Download Exploit Full (No game crashes) 2024 14.0.14.apk (Size: 89.08 Mb)
Cheat menu, has the maximum features, download, check and write in comments
Download Casino Cheat (Size: 83.98 Mb)

Cheat in which casino on 95% + Other features

Download NEW CHEAT FOR AIM, BOTS 14.0.13.apk (Size: 77.7 Mb)
Bots, damager, besk ammo. aim, tilt, fly car, collisions, teleport.
Download Timka cheat.apk (Size: 73.27 Mb)
- Bots, fast respawn, aim, nakrutka, fly car.
Download moralessquad-v12.2.5 new.apk (Size: 90.7 Mb)
Download new-cheat-v13.2.5.apk (Size: 90.77 Mb)
Download Cheat Exploit Hack by LIRI For BLACK RUSSIA v13.2.0.apk (Size: 77.73 Mb)
Download Exploit Liri Black Russia v13.2.0 nodamager (Cheat by LIRI without a damager).apk (Size: 77.72 Mb)
Download Cheat BR v13.2.0 Morales Squad.apk (Size: 90.7 Mb)
Download Graf Cheat v13.2.0 Sign.apk (Size: 75.03 Mb)
Download BATYA Cheat V2.0.1.apk (Size: 73.29 Mb)
Download Mine bot.apk (Size: 77.9 Mb)
Download Black Russia Chits v13.0.6.apk (Size: 73.32 Mb)
Download Oneshot T.apk (Size: 66.55 Mb)
Download Black Russia Chits v13.0.3 Morales Squad.apk (Size: 80.05 Mb)
Download Black Russia LIRI Chits 12.2.0 v12.2.0.apk (Size: 68.52 Mb)
Download Private Cheat @CheatSmoke.apk (Size: 65.73 Mb)
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