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This is a wonderful game from the studio Klei Entertainment. It shows the development of human beings in miniature. It is a complex, unusual and fascinating process. You can say that it is a survival simulator in a space colony. The game supports English, Russian, Chinese and Korean languages. The rest can be downloaded in the workshop, there are several modifications.


Each player has to manage colonists - duplicants - without having direct contact with them. You can give them orders, prioritize them, and so on. This is how you build the base you need to survive.

The graphics are hand drawn and look nice. The simulator shows a side view. The player establishes a space colony on an asteroid to help the inhabitants survive in such difficult conditions. The people have the ability to mine materials and build farms with them, they have to keep an eye on the oxygen levels because there is a shortage of it, as well as not enough food and energy.

The people on the asteroid have to do all kinds of activities that help them survive. They research, build, dig, cook, and even clean toilets. People search for life forms on the uninhabited object to use for their needs.

Important! To start the game, you must choose one of the modes. There are only two: "Survival" and "No Tension". The second option allows you to play the game without tension and extreme, there is time to calmly think about everything and make decisions. The extreme "Survival" mode requires unnecessary tension and immediate solution of the problems.

Among the game's features:

  • Unusual idea of survival in the conditions of confined and distant space
  • Competent strategy with indirect control.
  • Each character has its own character.
  • Many different machines and resources.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Infinite asteroid generator.
  • Nice design.

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