Download Fighters of Fate: Card Duel MOD (Free Skin Color, Free Style) 202405150 free on Android

Fighters of Fate: Anime Battle (Free Skins) is a very unconventional combination of a card game, an RPG and a complex, elaborate fighting game. Everything takes place in a world that combines fantastic technology, alchemy and magic. Players must create a character and embark on a hero's journey to defeat evil and save the world. The game includes an extensive story as well as several additional modes to play through.

Build Your Deck

The entire game is based on card collecting. The goal is to build a deck that will determine your character's unique combination of skills and abilities. There are dozens of cards in the game, they can be weaponized, with skills and abilities, equipment, accessories and many others. Different cards in combination give additional positive effects, and this should be taken into account against different enemies. Enemies can also have all kinds of characteristics and cards, which makes them dangerous and unpredictable.

Anime Battles

The game features exciting side-scrolling fighting game style battles. Two fighters compete in small arenas. They can use different types of punches and techniques. The combat system consists of creating a series of punches, blocks, skills and abilities, as well as different moves. This allows you to create different deadly combinations and much more.

Mod Features

The game modification opens up skins, making them completely free for any character. This will allow you to dress up your character from the very beginning of the passage, which will affect not only the visual appearance, but also the gameplay.

Game Features

  • Fascinating storyline, arena-style multiplayer mode.
  • Dozens of cards to create a unique deck for your character.
  • Sophisticated combat system and spectacular action.
  • Colorful 2D anime style graphics.

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