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Raft Survival: Raft Survival (Free Shopping, God Mode) is a first-person survival simulator. The protagonist finds himself in the middle of a vast ocean on a small raft made of a few planks and a basic set of resources. He must manage to survive as long as possible, hoping that one day people will find him and rescue him. Until that happens, it is necessary to fight for life, and the player will help the character to do so.

Alone on a raft in the ocean

The protagonist is in a shipwreck and has a raft. He has to collect different planks, items in the sea and on small islands and sail further, while expanding the raft. You can equip it, expand it, add new floors and much more. The game features crafting, resource gathering, and the need to keep track of your character's vitals, and these are by no means the complete survival mechanics shown in the game.

Survive or perish

So you have to create items from the resources you find. These can be stabbing and cutting weapons, harpoons, as well as various tools for building and fishing, such as a net or a fishing rod. Sometimes it is not only about catching fish, but also about fighting with marine predators, such as sharks of different species and the like. This is a real fight, not for life, but for death. Each of these battles will create tension for your character.

Mod info

This version of the game has a mod built in that does several things. First, it completely pumps the protagonist to the maximum skill value, also unlocks blueprints and more. The game also features a god mode with unlimited item creation resources and lives.

Game Features

  • Plausible simulation of life and survival the need to keep track of different vitals.
  • The endless sea is full of danger and adventure.
  • Building and expanding your raft, as well as creating dozens of items.
  • Detailed, yet colorful three-dimensional graphics.

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