Download Taimanin RPG Extasy MOD (Menu, Damage, Defense) 1.0.20 free on Android

Download the latest version of Taimanin RPG Extasy MOD (Menu, Damage, Defense) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Taimanin RPG Extasy - is a Japanese RPG in which you have to take control of a whole group of Taimanins, train them, create tactics and send them into battle. You'll have to face monsters, criminals and other enemies, but they shouldn't stop you in your tracks.

Interesting According to the plot of this game, the city of Tokyo has been taken over by demons and started to blur the concepts between good and evil. People live in peace with them, but this world can not be called calm. And in this atmosphere the main action of the game takes place.


  • A lot of quests and interesting gameplay mechanics. You will have main quests, side quests, daily quests, etc.
  • Performing each of them, you will need to fight enemies in different ways, assemble a team and competently use the advantages of each.
  • Developed plot. The game consists not only of incoherent battles, but also of a plot with a well-developed and interesting story. Moreover, every action of the player, every decision made by him will strongly influence how the events in the game will unfold and what they will lead to.
  • Fascinating atmosphere. This game mixes cyberpunk with horror and mysticism themes. You are immersed in it all and become a part of the story
[Mod menu Info:]
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
[Mod Menu Info: Version Johren 18+]
  • Skillcost
  • Dmg Multi
  • Def Multi

Note: play safe, High ban chance if you use DMG Multi on Raidbosses

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