Case Chase: Simulator for CSGO MOD (Unlimited Money) 1.16.3 APK

Download the latest version of Case Chase: Simulator for CSGO MOD (Unlimited Money) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Case Chase - Case Chase Simulator for KS GO is a simulator that allows case lovers to tear off boxes and get valuable prizes. If you like gambling, then this simulator will be a great solution for your leisure time. This version includes a collection of Anubis.

Become the owner of all CS GO skins

Fans of the popular game CS GO has a chance to collect all the skins that can only be imagined. Now your chances of becoming the owner of Dragon Lore or Howl are many times higher. Playing in this clicker, gamers earn coins, for which and open the case. From them in turn fall out valuable and not very prizes. Here it all depends not only on the cost of the case, but also on luck. There are also improvements.

For example, get combos or increase the probability of dropping a critical click. Here the cases are opened like in the original. After collecting ten identical cases, you can exchange them for 1 of higher rank. A nice bonus is a daily reward in the form of a wheel of luck. In addition to the cases, the game features a casino. Bet on black, red or green and catch luck by the tail. Also in the casino there is a function of jackpot skins: the more you bet, the greater the chances of winning. But in case you lose, the losses are great.

Features of the game:

  • There are mini-games that will not let the gameplay become monotonous.
  • There are boosters to increase the chances of a good win.
  • You can win even the rarest skins.

Download Case Chase: Simulator for CSGO MOD (Unlimited Money) for Android :

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