Download Fluvsies - A Fluff to Luv MOD (Unlimited Money) 1.0.967 free on Android

Drink, eat, play, poop, pee, have fun - it's all in the new Tamagotch-like Fluvsies toy. Tiny, cute monsters will be a necessary support for the child to develop discipline and responsibility. If overlooked and the pet is sick, it will even squeak pitifully until the owner does not feed it a sweet treat or take it for a walk.

Want a pet - get ready!

In order for the baby to hatch healthy and strong, you must surround the egg with warmth and care. When 1 of 18 kittens is born, it will demand milk and a minimum of candy. And as it grows older, give it games, nutritious food, and walks in the fresh virtual air. That's when the pet will start to pay off: a dozen and a half mini-games, about 50 daily and weekly tasks, plus extra space for another pet. You will have more fun and friendship in the company!

Would you have guessed that adult Fluffs of different sexes are capable of producing offspring? It's always sudden and enchanting: if you leave your phone on or charge it overnight, the monsters will go on with their lives. And afterwards (but only if they like each other), the owner of the phone might notice a little egg in the nest.

What you can play with Fluvsikami:

  • Hide-and-seek - the character will hide in different places, where he is not easy to find;
  • Puzzles - to raise the pet's mood, you need to collect puzzles, be able to count and answer questions in quizzes correctly;
  • Make-up - girls can paint their Fluvsiks' faces;
  • Competitions - boys can play sports games.
Mod info:
  • There will be a lot of coins when you buy;
  • You can get free content without watching ads.

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