Download Soul Knight Prequel MOD (Speedhack) 1.0.6 free on Android

Soul Knight Prequel is a pixelated RPG-roublemaker of one clumsy wizard against crowds of oak-headed monsters. Magic and tactics - the best assistants of our hero during his travels through the open and colorful world, but not devoid of monsters and other living creatures that want to eat humanity.

Be smarter and run away or be braver and fight?

Tactics are our everything! You can cover the enemy with fire, ice or curse spells and collect loot while they're writhing in pain. But! There are times when monsters do not react to magic, which means it's time to get away. The main thing - do not forget the way back, otherwise the angry creatures will fry you and eat you like a sausage. And game over! But in the fight against them can help:

  • 1 of 12 strongest companions to choose from;
  • pumping weapons and magic (more than a hundred only combat charms, not counting defense);
  • super-strike (explosive fire wave, ice storm or poison cloud);
  • mythical and therefore extremely rare items (speed slippers, chameleon cloak, etc.).

And also "cry to the gods" is an overpowered thing that not everyone can master. However, there are a few tricky conditions for getting this spell.

Explore every pixel of space, because under any bush or the corpse of a random traveler you may find a piece of scroll that, when assembled, gives you access to some truly incredible abilities.

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