Download Your Boyfriend (Full Version 2024) 3.4.3 free on Android

Your Boyfriend is a dating simulation game that is a little darker than normal games. If you have a light heart, this may not be for you, as your boyfriend may initially appear to be a crazy and obsessive stalker. You have to be careful with him, because there are times when he gets out of control. This is a visual novel in which you will have to interact closely! From time to time you will be able to make a choice that will affect the final outcome!

Psychological dating simulation game.

When it comes to dating simulation games, you can usually enjoy these games whenever you want. First of all, these are light-hearted games designed to provide you with romantic scenarios. This game will test your mental patience and strength when you have to deal with a compulsive, obsessive and possessive guy!

He is not the kind of guy you would normally find hot or gorgeous, but he is interesting enough for you to decide to go out with him. But as the game progresses, you will gradually discover his true nature: the cruel and suffocating type. You have no choice but to put up with his antics for fear of what he might do to you. Make a choice that will change the course of history!

Terrible story

The game is different from typical dating simulation games. Strange and unexplained scenarios will happen here and you will be a witness to them! There are a lot of dark themes such as suicide, kidnapping, stalking, self-harm and more. So we advise you not to play this game if you are not receptive to these topics.

Game Features:

  • * Ability to influence the story.
  • * Dark atmosphere and inappropriate events. [The game is not suitable for people with traumatised psyche and children.

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