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Yokai Art belongs to the category of strategies, in which there is an erotic plot. As for the graphical component, it uses cartoon graphics. If we talk about the plot, it is non-linear. At the same time, the gameplay itself reminds something of Plants vs Zombie. However, the heroes here are not plants and zombies at all. On the one hand, the player is shown half-naked girls, and on the other - the forces of darkness. Who will emerge victorious from this battle depends only on you. All this happens through the fault of the main character. Somehow he accidentally broke the secret seal on one book. Now the balance of earthly forces has lost the equilibrium that has held back this horror for many years.

Game gameplay and difficulty

Battles take place in real time. Players will have to think about their actions in seconds. There's also a lot of experimentation involved. In addition to this complex gameplay, players will have to deal with the storyline. The story is narrated from the first person. It is the main character will deal with all the problems in the Japanese town. The fate of not only the country, but also the whole world depends on his decisions. Download the full version of Yokai Art game on Android right now via the link below.

Game Features:

  • Real-time strategy. You have to think here and now or you will die.
  • The story is told in first person.
  • Interesting animated cartoon world.

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