Download PaintLove (18+) 1.7.8 free on Android

PaintLove is a unique application that allows you to be close to your other half even when you are physically far apart. With this application you can create your own unique projects together with your beloved. Communication is in real time. Now the home screen of your smartphone becomes a place where you can send and receive messages to your beloved in just a second.

To create a drawing, you need to choose the right brush and colour. The developers guarantee total confidentiality. Your messages will remain between you. Now your memories will be filled with good moments even when you are far apart. Lovers will be able to work creatively and the distance will not be an obstacle.

Game Features:

  • Minimalistic design. Everything is quite accessible and understandable.
  • Helps lovers to get over a long separation.
  • Does not require registration and does not collect personal data.

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