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Teaching Feeling is a visual novel with many 18+ sections. Being a visual novel, it's easy to see that Living with a Slave: A Knowledge of the Senses has a deep story with highlights. Specifically, the player becomes a doctor and receives a gift from a patient from the past whom he has successfully cured. This gift is special - a young girl called Sylvie. The girl has a special past, she wants to forget the pain she has experienced in order to move on to a better present. So the player is challenged to socialise with Sylvie, cheer her up and gain her confidence. At the end of the story, the protagonist and the poor girl fall in love.

Familiar interactive gameplay.

In the game, players will discover many different situations throughout the game. Specifically, every time your character makes contact with Sylvia, three options will appear on the main screen. They can also perform intimate actions such as stroking the other person's head, talking and touching. Each choice takes the love story in a different direction, and the player is free to decide what happens next.

Beautiful 2D graphics

The quality of the graphics is built on a familiar 2D foundation. All the main details reflect the main content that the game wants to convey. The image of Sylvia is usually presented as weak, shy and in need of someone to share the pain of the past with. The transition effect is also extremely smooth and vividly reproduces the stories and dialogues that take place in the game.

Game Features:

  • An age restriction of 18+ is in place.
  • The game uses 2D graphics.
  • The presence of several options for the development of events.
  • How the story unfolds is influenced by the player.

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