Download Battle Night: Cyberpunk 1.8.13 free on Android

Battle Night: Cyberpunk is a tribute to one famous game, which is not known except for a cat or a newborn. Here, the player will also control a detective who, in the midst of a devastating man-made war, must complete one important political case. Implants are not just some innovation - they are part of the cultural world of the future. Want to see better? You're wearing a high-resolution bionic eye.

Swing, explore and print new organs!

Want to run faster? Order titanium prosthetics with improved hydraulic suspension. Want to hit harder so hard you can crack concrete walls? You can get bazooka arms from a merchant. But all this requires money, and one detective's salary is not enough even for one eye. Therefore, you can run around your acquaintances and find a job. And for the completed quest and get additional experience.

With it, your character will become:

  • much tougher;
  • more alive and awake;
  • more armored and less susceptible to poisons and mutagens.

And also pumps a lot of useful skills that will teach you to shoot more accurately, do more damage in hand-to-hand combat, do not take damage when landing from a great height, etc. In short, if you want to be cooler than the Terminator, you'll have to run to the game's more than 200 side quests.

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