Download 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure MOD (Unlimited Time) 1.3.142 free on Android

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure - Nuclear war, radiation, starvation, murder and hard death. But! You're the lucky one. Your family has managed to take shelter in the basement of their flimsy house while the howls of decomposing neighbors and the sounds of gunfire can be heard overhead. The first snag is that you, being the head of the family, messed up and didn't have time to lug supplies of food, medicine and such into the bunker. So you only have a minute to gather the essentials.

Then all four of you will survive until help arrives. That could be on day 30, day 40, and God knows when else. That's why sorties will be necessary. The better equipped the character who makes it to the surface, the better the chances that he will survive. However, loading him too much, there will be almost no room for useful items found. Here you have to choose: either risk the life of a close relative, or tighten your belts.

And then there are diseases, random travelers to whom you can open the hatch and ... no one knows how another encounter with a stranger will end.

Curious: Disease, pestilence, starvation, thirst, poisoning, radiation are factors that slowly kill your family. Some may last a week, while others may not make it to the morning.


  • extremely addictive and fun gameplay;
  • funny animations;
  • jokes, humor, pranks, unexpected encounters and more;
  • high replayability.

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